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With Autodesk Software Certified Professional instructors, you are guaranteed a great learning experience.

We believe that every command in a software program is like a tool. Some tools you use every day while others are power tools. Some, you might only use on specific projects. The challenge with software is to become aware of those tools and to figure out which will help you the most.

Have you ever attended a class where the instructor didn’t know the software, didn’t understand your technical questions or didn’t understand what you do? We have certified professionals and experienced trainers who translate the technology into everyday language, increasing your productivity for your business. If the training is on-site and custom, we’ll even use data from one of your current projects so users get real life project training exposure.

A few important points:

  • All of our courses are available as LIVE and/or LIVE-ON-LINE.
  • All  courses are in English unless noted otherwise……(some courses are available in  French)
  • We also offer custom on-site training where we can use data  from one of your current projects, so users get real life project training  exposure.


For further information on Training, give us a call (506-459-3271) or send us an e-mail:   You’ll be glad you did.


Comments from our Clients:


  • Considering the incredible possibilities of AutoCAD 2013 and all it can do, it was a challenge for the instructor to be able to sort it out and give us training based on our needs. This was very well done throughout the week! Clear and precise explanations were given to all the questions that we had. Thanks again on a very interesting course.
  • The instructor was very dynamic and he had a very good interaction with all participants.
  • Instructor did a great job with this class. I felt that I learned a lot of helpful tips and tricks that I will be able to apply.
  • The repetition of the course material was very helpful to me!


REVIT / NAVISWORKS (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical)

  • Instructor was easy to follow, very patient and had an easy manner to listen to, it felt like learning from a peer and not from someone just telling me how to do it.
  • Group discussions through out the training helped sink the info!
  • The course schedule was very organized and well followed. The “informal” environment was condusive to learning as everyone was able to contribute to the discussion.
  • Instructor shows much enthusiasm, makes for a good learning environment and experience.



  • Course flowed well – Instructor explained clearly & effectively – Great Value! – Very Practical!
  • Job “well done” to instructor for what he was able to accomplish in 5days, “Very Knowledgeable”!
  • I like that we could ask questions on the fly and have them answered right away, even though some times we went off topics…..but that’s a good thing!
  • “Hands-On” tutorial portions especially valuable to retain mechanics of operation/execution. Long overdue for me…



  • Good refresher. We should do a refresher every year. Thanks!
  • Very Informative. Instructor was clear.
  • Once again, the instructor did an excellent job bringing Civil3D tips and techniques out into the light. Life will be much easier from now on.
  • Thank you, look forward to more Civil3d training from the same instructor.