Other CAD Services


Atlantic CAD Solutions offers a wide variety of additional CAD/BIM related services, developed over time to help you, our customer. Below is a short list of services we can provide and assist you with:

  • Hardware Recommendation/Configuration (Workstations or Gaming Sations for CAD/BIM, Rendering and other)
  • The maintenance of drawings and associated files, electronic or paper.
    • Having problems with Reference files, Blocks or other file types?
  • The setup of peripheral equipment.
    • Are you having an issue talking to your Plotter or can’t find drivers for that old plotter in the corner?
    • Not to sure what to do with those scanned drawing files or maybe having a problem getting the quality out of your scanner?
    • you have a new/old Data Collector and would like to download directly into AutoCAD, Map or Civil 3d?
  • Got a “crashed” drawings?
    • We’ve been able to repair and recover many drawings over the years. Each instance of a corrupt drawing is unique, but we will do our best to recover them for you!
  • Fix invalid DXF files.
    • Have you received a DXF file from one of your partners that’s not using a compatible Autodesk product. Well, we’ve fixed a few of those also…
  • Internet collaboration solutions.
    • Trying to figure out the best/easiest way to do CAD/BIM over the internet? not sure what that really means?
  • Document/Data Management.
    • Confused about the differences between Document and/or Data Management?
  • CAD/BIM review/assessment.
    • Are you wondering if you are at the top of your game? If you know everything about that software you have?

At the end of the day, no matter what your problem is, we can help. Give us a call (506-459-3271) or send us an e-mail: Michel.Beaulieu@solidcad.ca   You’ll be glad you did.