Hardware Specifications

Did you know that we can save you money by helping you choose your next CAD / BIM computer hardware?

As you may or may not know, we are extremely well known in Canada as the “GO TO” people for CAD, BIM, GIS & Rendering information, Customization, Technical Support, programming and Training, when it comes to Autodesk software.

Many of our clients already benefit from our Computer Specification & Configuration services, you should to. Our hardware specification is not based on a brand name. Instead, we like to specify our client’s computers based on the task that their users will be doing with the computer and software (What a novel idea right?). And no, we are not currently a hardware reseller (even if specialty hardware manufacturers have approached us to represent them).

Here’s an example; let’s assume you are looking at 2 separate computers (from the same manufacturer) and you are not sure which to buy. The cost of the first one is $2500+tax and the second one is $3500+tax. So you are not sure if the extra $1000 is worth it or if it will pay for itself? That’s where we come in!!

Computer VS Computer

If the $2500 computer is specified and configured properly, it will do the same job as the $3500 computer (and probably even better). Wonder how? Wondering if you can save some money on your next computer purchases? Give us a call (506-459-3271) or send us an e-mail: Michel.Beaulieu@solidcad.ca

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Our Hardware/Software Services also include, but are not limited to:

  • Advice/Recommendation, based on your requirements (Workstation, Network)
  • Environment configuration, based on your company standards
  • Software Installation, Configuration – Fully Documented (for your piece of mind)

The nature of CAD, BIM, GIS and Rendering in environments such as Engineering, Architecture require High Performing and stable machines. Because of this, we highly recommend brand name computers such as Dell, HP, IBM and Boxx!!