CAD Standards


Developing CAD Standards for your company is the fastest way to increase overall drafting and design productivity, regardless of which Autodesk vertical software (See our training area). Developing standard Layers, Line weights, Dimension Styles, Text Styles, Plot Layouts and so on, is critical in any environment, single or multi user.

Standards can be configured on an individual workstation or network base. Once established, it simplifies:

  • The creation of new drawings
  • The replacement or upgrade of computers.
  • The upgrade of software.
  • The addition of new users.

We’ll automate the use of your CAD standards, so it will be easier to work with. We’ll also provide the required training and manuals for your company, so you can take full advantages of the standards created/modified.

Wondering how you are going to implement those new standards? Give us a call (506-459-3271) or send us an e-mail:   You’ll be glad you did.