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Lumion 8 is shiiping on Nov-06-2017!
The new version will make it easier than ever to help your clients feel the spaces you have created.

Upgrade to Lumion 8 for free!
If you bought a new Lumion 7 license after October 1, 2017 you will receive a free upgrade to Lumion 8 as soon as it becomes available. The free upgrade is available only on full new licenses of Lumion or Lumion Pro.

Lumion 8 coming soon



Special Lumion 7.x and 6.x Upgrade offers: For customers who already bought a FULL NEW Lumion 7 or Lumion 7 PRO license during the months of July, August or September, a special commercial upgrade offer is available from the 1st of October up to and including the 31st of December 2017. (CLICK HERE)

For customers who still have Lumion 6, a promotional offer is available from the 1st of October up to and including the 31st of December 2017. (CLICK HERE)

Lumion 8.0

Lumion By Act-3d is a Real-time 3D visualization tool for AEC Professionals. It allows you to create high resolutions still images and movies in Real-time so you don’t get any “unwanted surprises” after waiting for hours (or days or weeks) for an image/movie to render. And with Lumion 8.0, you can now also immerse your clients in a Virtual Reality (VR) world, showing them and letting them walk through their Building, Site, Residence even before it is built.


Autodesk Compatibility

It’s very easy to import models that you’ve created with programs like Revit, Revit LT, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Civil 3d, Map 3d, Infrastructure, Navisworks and others.


More Compatibility

You can also bring in Models from Sketchup, ArchiCAD, Chief Architect and other 3d modeling programs.


Simple and Easy

The simple workflow and extensive 3D libraries allow new and experienced Lumion users to create beautiful still renderings and movies in just minutes. Lumion also allows you to add/modify materials from imported models and animate accessories like cars, trees and even people, to make your image come to life. All you need is a computer with a modern graphics card.


Who should use Lumion?

Architects (residential, commercial, landscaping) Interior Designers, Land Planners, Zoning Planners and more…….See sample Lumion Videos below.


Sample Lumion Videos:

This short Video explains the user interface and shows how easy Lumion really is to work with.
Video of a Kent Homes, Residential Home. Our client created the Model in Revit and Animated in Lumion.
Model and Animation of a commercial building, created by one of our clients: Lockhart Design & Consulting. Created using #Revit LT and #Lumion!
Model and Animation of a Residential Home, created by one of our clients: Lockhart Design & Consulting. Created using #Revit LT and #Lumion!
Video of Commercial Apartment Building rendered/animated with Lumion.
Video of a Sports Complex rendered/animated in Lumion.
Video of an Interior Design project. Rendered/Animated in Lumion
Video of large Landscaping project for a farm. Rendered/Animated in Lumion



Click here for a second page of more amazing Lumion Videos.

Want to learn how to make amazing Videos of your own? Give us a call (506-459-3271) or send us an e-mail:   You’ll be glad you did.

Lumion VR:

A huge leap forward in 3D visualization has been achieved since Lumion 6.5. Lumion allowes you to quickly show your clients 3D models (from Sketchup, Revit and more) on Oculus Rift and Gear VR.Lumion VR

Oculus Rift and GearVR: Lumion has always given you an edge with your clients by breathing life into your designs, helping you reach that link/emotion that your client requires. With the integration of support for Virtual Reality (VR), Lumion allows you to offer a completely immersive experience to your clients.

This is done by providing high-quality renderings with stereoscopic output. This allows you to give clients the ability to “step through the front door” of their future home or building before construction has even begun. Each 360-degree rendering is viewable on Samsung phones through Gear VR, Oculus Rift and other VR capable devices and headsets.Lumion 6.3 VR

With just a few simple clicks, you can provide a tangible experience — complete with furniture, landscaping, people, and other detail-oriented objects that will allow clients to feel their new space before ever stepping a foot inside.

MyLumion: A major step forward in the way architects share video and images with clients. MyLumion provides access to shareable panoramas. With Lumion, it’s possible to enhance both VR and panoramic images through the use of new special effects. Add dimension to your high-quality visualizations with effects like improved shadows, atmospheric color filters, and color correction. Instantly share fully-interactive images with clients simply by sending a link to their phone, tablet, or computer.


Lumion is available in three versions:

Name Description Created By List Price Our Price!!
Lumion® Trial Limited version of Lumion – time Trial Act-3d Request a Trial today FREE
Lumion® 8.0 Standard Lumion with limited content Act-3d $2278.00can $2164.00can
Lumion® 8.0 Pro Lumion with full content Act-3d $4558.00can $4330.00can
Lumion® Upgrades View this page for Upgrades Act-3d  View this page for Upgrades


Click here for a comparison table between Standard and Pro


System Requirements:

Lumion’s Rendering Engine is based on a Gaming Engine, so for best rendering performance, a fast Gaming graphics card is highly recommended. For more info, please see the following link: Lumion System Requirements


Lumion® Educational Licenses:

Educational licenses are available, give us a call (506-459-3271) or send us an



You can purchase Lumion® directly from this page, using the purchase options below or you can request a quote if you have a requirement for multiple seats and upgrades all at the same time. Simply click on the following link to fill in the Quote request form. If you need to use a Purchase Order, please give us a call (506-459-3271) or send us an e-mail:


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2Lumion 7.5 Pro$4,330.00Band 1
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