Interesting Links

Interesting Links!!

On this page, we are providing links to sites that we have come across over the course of our many years of being in business. These sites had interesting and useful 3d or 2d data, materials or other type of informative data. The links below vary from 3d Software, 3d Scanning, 3d Animation to 3d Models, Virtual Reality and more. We hope you enjoy them and find them useful!


Ultimate 3d Links is a website where you can find Materials, 3d objects and more. There are also columns that talk about 3d software.

Sketchfab is a website that allows you to post your 3d web models for free.

cbliss is a site dedicated to parts and assemblies for Autodesk Inventor. It also contains Textures and Tips and Tricks.

GrabCAD is a web-site with 3d models, made for anyone and any software.