Lumion Professional version 8 (2day)

Feb 13 2018 - 08:00 - Halifax

Sorry, this class is closed. It’s a custom AutoCAD/Civil 3d class for a client. If you are interested in a class like this one or another class, please give us a call at 1-877-438-2231 ext:6129. Or e-mail us at:  Thanks


What is Lumion Professional ® Version 8.0 all about! This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts and workflows for producing impressive, high quality renderings of their building design. Students explore how to import models from various sources into Lumion. Students also learn how to present their design by adding materials, lightning and creating the surrounding scene. Then student will learn to output the scene by creating amazing videos and still renderings.


What you need to know before. This course is designed for the CAD/BIM user who possesses introductory-level knowledge of Rendering Software or has been using AutoCAD, Revit or other modeling software for some time and understands the basic of working with 3D models. Terminology and instructions assume this level of experience when concepts, procedures, and exercises are discussed. Class numbers are small (maximum 8 students), meaning that you have ample opportunity to discuss your specific requirements and any problems you are having with the trainer.


Our Goal!The five primary objectives of this course are to teach students how to:

  • Import a design from software’s such as: AutoCAD, Revit, Sketchup, etc…
  • Assign and understand materials.
  • Control the weather and environment.
  • Create a scene by adding objects such as: vegetation, transportation, indoor, people and animals, lighting and various effects.
  • Communicate design ideas using: videos, photos and the free scene viewer.



  • The duration of this training is 2 days. (See Course Outline)
  • Class sign-up starts at 8:00am.
  • Class hours are 8:30am-5:00pm daily.
  • 64bit Dell laptop is supplied.
  • Details on classroom location will be provided before start date


Pricing: $450/student/day (tax not included).

What is not included: Students are responsible for travel, meals and living expenses.


Reserve your seat today! Course requires pre-registration to attend.Use the registration form at the end of this page to reserve and purchase your seat. If you prefer, you can reserve your seat or get further information by giving us a call at: (506) 459-3271 or by email us at: To allow time for course setup, registrations must be received 7 days prior to course start. Seats are limited so don’t delay!NOTE: You must be registered and logged into the site and you must have selected the event (class, location and date) before the registration form will display.




Lumion Professional® Version 8.0 Rendering, training content

Ch. 1 Introduction

  • Interface
  • Navigation
  • Working with Projects
  • Saving
  • Settings
Building Your World
Ch. 2 The Scene

  • Weather and Environment
  • Landscape
Ch. 3 Importing Models

  • Working with Revit models
  • Working with AutoCAD and Sketchup models
  • Placing a Model
Ch. 4 Applying Material

  • Assigning Materials
  • Modifying Materials
  • Removing Materials Assignments
  • Saving Materials Sets
  • Merging Materials with Terrain
  • Custom Materials
Ch. 5 Basic Objects Placement and Editing

  • Browsing the Objects Library
  • Inserting Objets
  • Basic Placement Tools
  • Using Layers
Ch. 6 Advanced Object Type

  • Sounds
  • Effects
  • Lights and Special Objects
Ch. 7 Advanced Objects Placement and Editing

  • Transformations
  • Object Properties
The Output   Ch. 8 Basic Movie Creation

  • Create a Camera Path
  • Insert Images
  • Adding Transitions
  • Configuring Movie Rendering Options
  • Rendering Movies


Ch. 9 Basic Photo Creation

  • Creating Camera Presets
  • Modifying Scenes While Editing Stills
  • Configuring Still Rendering Options
  • Rendering Still Images
Ch. 10 Lumion Viewer

  • Export the Scene
  • Using the Lumion Viewer



NOTE: You must be registered and logged into the site and you must have selected the event (class, location and date) before the registration form will display.