Inventor® 2017 Advanced Assembly Modeling (4day)

Oct 23 2017 - 08:00 - Fredericton

What Autodesk® Inventor® Advanced Assembly Modeling is all about! The goal of the Inventor 2015 Advanced Assembly Modeling class is to build on the  users acquired skills from the Inventor Introduction to Solid Modeling and  the Advanced Part Modeling. Users begin by learning the concepts of Top-Down  Design for assembly creation. Using the top-down design approach helps create  reusable geometry that behaves in the assembly as expected. You will also  learn how various Inventor tools can be used to achieve Top-Down Design  practices, such as: Derived parts and Assemblies, Multi-Body Design, and  Layouts. Other advanced assembly topics included are Positional and Level of  Detail (LOD), iMates and iAssemblies,  Frame Generator, Design Accelerator, iLogic for  assembly automation.Class numbers are small (maximum 8 students) meaning  that you have ample opportunity to discuss your specific requirements with  the Instructor and work out any problems you are having.


What you need to know before. This course is designed for the Microsoft Windows user who possesses working  knowledge of Autodesk Inventor software.



  • The duration of  this training is 4days.
  • Class sign-up starts at 8:00am on the first day
  • Class hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm daily
  • 64-bit computer is supplied
  • Autodesk Training Guide (ATG) is supplied
  • Details on classroom location will be provided before start date

Pricing: $450/student/day (tax not included)

What is not included: Students are responsible for their travel, meals and living expenses.


Reserve your seat today! Course requires pre-registration to attend.Use the registration form at the end of this page to reserve and purchase your seat. If you prefer, you can reserve your seat or get further information by giving us a call at: (506) 459-3271 or by email us at: To allow time for course setup, registrations must be received 7 days prior to course start. Seats are limited so don’t delay!NOTE: You must be registered and logged into the site and you must have selected the event (class, location and date) before the registration form will display.



Inventor Advanced Assembly Modeling, training content

Working  Effectively with Assemblies

  1. General Assembly Tips
  2. Relationship Tips
  3. Motion Constraints
  4. Transitional constraints


Introduction to Top-Down Design

  1. Top-Down Design
  2. Top-Down Design Process
  3. Top-Down Design Tools
   Derived Components

  1. Derived Components
  2. Modify Derived Components
   Multi-Body Part Modeling

  1. Multi-Body Part Modeling
 Layout Design

  1. Layout  Design
 Associative Links and Adaptive Parts

  1. Associative Links
  2. Adaptive Assembly Parts

  1. iMates
Positional Representations

  1. Introduction to Positional Representations
  2. Create and Edit Positional Representations
  3. Use Positional Representations
Model Simplification

  1. Shrinkwrap
  2. Assembly Simplification
Level of Detail Representations

  1. Level of Detail Representations
  2. System-Defined Level of Details Representations
  3. User-Defined Level of Details Representations
  4. Using Level of Details Representations
  5. Substitute Level of Details Representations
  6. LOD Productivity Tools
Design Accelerator

  1. Design Accelerator
  2. Generators
  3. Calculators
  4. Engineer’s Handbook
Advanced File Management

  1. Design Assistant
  2. Design Assistant Options
  3. Pack and Go
  4. Purging Old Files
  5. Copy Design using Autodesk Vault
Inventor Studio

  1. Introduction to Inventor Studio
  2. Rendering
  3. Animation
  4. Video Producer
  5. Creating a Standard Room

  1. Introduction
  2. Create Basic iAssemblies
  3. Create Multi-Level iAssemblies
  4. Create iAssemblies Using Existing Assemblies
  5. Place iAssemblies
  6. Edit iAssemblies
Frame Generator

  1. Frame Generator
  2. Structural Shape Author
 Assembly Duplication Options

  1. Pattern Components
  2. Mirror Components
  3. Copy Components
 Working with Weldments

  1. Working with Weldments
  2. Fillet Welds
  3. Cosmetic Welds
  4. Groove Welds
Working with  Spreadsheets and Parameters

  1. Spreadsheet-Driven Parameters
  2. Custom Parameters
  3. Custom Parameter Formatting & Expressions

NOTE: You must be registered and logged into the site and you must have selected the event (class, location and date) before the registration form will display.