Autodesk® Vault WorkGroup 2017 (1day)

Aug 16 2017 - 08:00 - Fredericton

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What Autodesk® Vault® Workgroup is all about! The Autodesk Vault WorkGroup class is intended for CAD users and CAD administrators who need to access their design files from Autodesk Vault WorkGroup. It focuses on document lifecycles providing knowledge of advanced data organization. Class numbers are small (maximum 8 students) meaning that you have ample opportunity to discuss your specific requirements with the Instructor and work out any problems you are having. This training guide is intended for users and CAD administrators with Autodesk Vault Basic knowledge desiring to expand their skills to accommodate additional engineering workflows and data organization.Hands-on exercises are included to reinforce lifecycle and revision management. Students are taught how to manage lifecycles, properties, categories, and revisions.


What you need to know before. This course is designed for the Microsoft Windows user who possesses working knowledge of the Autodesk Vault Basic software.



  • The duration of this training is 1days
  • Class sign-up starts at 8:00am on the first day
  • Class hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm daily
  • 64-bit computer is supplied
  • Autodesk Training Guide (ATG) is supplied
  • Details on classroom location will be provided before start date

Pricing: $450/student/day (tax not included)

What is not included: Students are responsible for their travel, meals and living expenses.


Reserve your seat today! Course requires pre-registration to attend. Use the registration form at the end of this page to reserve and purchase your seat. If you prefer, you can reserve your seat or get further information by giving us a call at: (506) 459-3271 or by email us at: To allow time for course setup, registrations must be received 7 days prior to course start. Seats are limited so don’t delay! NOTE: You must be registered and logged into the site and you must have selected the event (class, location and date) before the registration form will display.




Vault WorkGroup, training content

Ch. 1 Introduction to Vault WorkGroup

  • Autodesk Vault WorkGroup Overview
Ch. 2 Lifecycle States in Autodesk Vault Workgroup

  • Lifecycle Definitions and States
  • Configuring Lifecycles States
  • Changing File Lifecycle States
Ch. 3 Revision Management in Autodesk Vault Workgroup

  • Revision and Versions
  • Creating and Modifying Revision Schemes
  • Revising Files
Ch. 4 Categories in Autodesk Vault Workgroup

  • Categories and Rules
  • Managing Categories and Rules
Ch. 5 Managing Properties

  • System-Defines Properties vs User-Defined Properties
  • The Properties Grid
  • Map Properties
Ch. 6 Automatic File Naming in Autodesk Vault Workgroup

  • Creating Custom Numbering Schemes
Ch. 7 Creating Reports

  • Creating Reports
  • Creating Custom Report Templates
Ch. 8 Autodesk Inventor In-CAD Data Management

  • Working with Data Cards
  • Data Mapping and Report Generation
  • Sheet Set Manager Integration
Ch. 9 Administering Job Server, Vault Revision Tables and Backups

  • Enable the Job Server
  • Configuring the Job Server
  • Vault Revision Table Administration
  • Backup and Restore

NOTE: You must be registered and logged into the site and you must have selected the event (class, location and date) before the registration form will display.