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Revit – Revit lineweights don’t look like they did in AutoCAD

Are your Revit lineweights looking like those in AutoCAD?? One of the most common complaints from new Revit users is that their drawings don’t look like they did in AutoCAD.  An important contributor to this difference is lineweights.  It is important to realize that Revit lineweights work differently than we may be used to in […]

Revit lineweights not like AutoCAD

2014-10 (1) Revit Site Design

Revit – Site Designer for Revit 2015

Last month Autodesk released a new extension called Autodesk Site Designers.  The extension is freely available to all subscription customers. You can get your copy at The Autodesk® Site Designer Extension for Revit® 2015 software helps architects convey building site planning concepts to engineers. Site Designer runs inside Revit and uses native families, components, and […]

Revit – File Locations

Revit – File Locations , ever wonder where they are? In the Revit Options, there is a section called File Locations, in that section you can configure some settings that can save you some time when you’re working with Revit. We’ll talk about some of these settings here. The first setting is the Project template files. When […]

Revit – Transfer Project Standards

The Transfer Project Standards is a pretty useful, yet simple tool that allows you to transfer different items from one project to another one. To access it, you need to have at least 2 projects opened. One to transfer the items from and one to transfer the items to. Then you need to make sure […]

Revit – Wall Clean-Up

In this post we will discuss the multiple tools that Revit has for Wall Clean-Up and control wall intersections. These tools are very useful and will help to simplify your life! Wall Joins tool:  Found under the Modify (tab) > Geometry (panel), the Wall Joins tool will set the join style to be: butt, miter or square off.  You can also […]

Revit – Using view templates to your advantage

Have you heard of View Templates for Revit Before? Wondering what these Templates are? Keep reading for more detailed information on these pre-defined views. View templates house information about visibility settings and can be used to increase the efficiency of your drawing process. The View Template dialog box can be found in your view’s properties palette under […]

View Templates Prop