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Matterport 3d Scans

News – Matterport 3d scans

Matterport 3d Scans saves you time and money!! That’s correct, using Matterport 3d scanner can save you time when it comes to measuring and verifying existing sits!! And @SolidCAD and @Matterport are working together to help you achieve this. Anyone can learn to scan with the Matterport Pro Camera in a matter of minutes, and fully-rendered […]

News – SolidCAD Hiring again!!

Yes, you’ve heard  it!! SolidCAD Hiring again!! JOIN OUR DYNAMIC, GROWING COMPANY! As a growing company, SolidCAD is looking to fulfill the role for a full-time software developer. In this role, a successful candidate will be required to develop applications and/or plugins based around a variety of different Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages, supporting business […]


News – 20% discount


News – SolidCAD Hiring

Yes, you’ve heard  it!! SolidCAD Hiring!! SolidCAD is actively looking for candidates in Alberta to fill the AEC Technical Specialist position. In this position, the candidate will continually develop expertise in Autodesk Advanced Steel, BIM360, Revit, Field, Glue, AutoCAD and Bluebeam.  The candidate will work alongside the sales team to provide pre-sale business process assessments […]


News – Meet SolidCAD – Cansel Merges Autodesk Business Operations

Meet SolidCAD – On August 1st, Cansel Merges Autodesk Business Operations into their SolidCAD company!! Constant Changes, here to stay…. That’s correct, we are changing names – one more time….This is under the Cansel Growth Strategy – by eliminating the confusion that folks might have had…. Most users we speak to, they see and understand […]


HighRes Lidar

News – SNB adds 18900sqkm HighRes Lidar

Back in late June, 2017 (this summer) , our good friends at Service New Brunswick (SNB) gave us a notification that they had added an additional 18,900 square kilometres of HighRes Lidar data (6 ppm, CGVD 2013): For more information, please see the link below:     And let’s face it, when it comes […]

News – Lumion 7.5 Release

With the Lumion 7.5 Release ,  Act-3d continues to deliver on their promise of putting beautiful renders within your reach!! Released on July 6th, 2017, let’s have a look at what’s new in version 7.5 52 New High-Definition Materials Lumion empowers designers from across the world to quickly create beautiful renders, and the Lumion 7.5 update […]

Lumion 7.5 Release

Lumion 7.3 Release

News – Lumion 7.3 Released

Lumion 7.3 has been released and one of the biggest update in 7.3 is the new LiveSync® for Revit® What is LiveSync® : Simple, make changes in Revit® and immediately see them appear live in Lumion! That’s what LiveSync does. Lumion LiveSync® provides a real-time high quality 3D view of your Revit® design. This plugin for […]

Class Descriptions - Get Trained

News – Training Funds

LOOKING FOR TRAINING FUNDS? Depending on which province you are in, there’s a few different options. For example: In New Brunswick, the Canada-New Brunswick Job Grant is an employer-driven program, that invests in the skill development and employment needs of the workforce. Employers determine what training is needed, who participates, and which provider will deliver the […]

Revit Export

News – RVT2DWG in the news

RVT2DWG in the news….We keep working on and improving the software and it shows…. Users have tried our app and love it, so they are blogging about it. See link below. (Sorry, but it is in french) We different users from across Canada, from different design backgrounds (Architectural, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical) that are using […]

News – Autodesk Trimble agreement

The Autodesk Trimble Agreement!! In case you haven’t heard, Autodesk and Trimble have entered into an interoperability agreement back in June of this year (2016). What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that their customers should be seeing applications in the near future that will  help them in saving time and reducing project costs, which […]


News – AU2016

As you may know (or not), Autodesk puts on a large scale learning event every year, called Autodesk University. It is also referred to as AU2016 of course. This is the format of their naming convention….So Last year it was AU2015 and so on….. If you are looking for more information on AU2016, simply do […]

News – Autodesk LIVE

Back in late July time frame, Autodesk announced Autodesk LIVE. The purpose is to bring Storytelling to life. Below you will find the official news release that was published, announcing Autodesk Live. You can find the office web-site, as well as an overview for LIVE at the following location/link. (see below) So, what is […]

Autodesk LIVE

Facts from Fiction

News – Autodesk Facts from Fiction

Not so fast Bentley: Autodesk separates the facts from fiction!! Back in Mid-July, Bentley announced an “upgrade program” for Autodesk customers. This is in regards to Autodesk subscription model. It didn’t take very long for Autodesk to correct errors and omissions from Bentley’s announcement. This was done in a post by Carl White, Senior Director of Business Models at […]

Autodesk Virtual Reality

News – Autodesk Virtual Reality

Autodesk Virtual Reality is available to everyone…..In case you missed it (back in 2015), Autodesk enabled their A360 Stereo Panorama rendering feature – which was originally announced at Autodesk University 2014. It is now available to everyone. This is a very inexpensive (relative term) method for you to review your design, or have the building/project owner […]

News – 2016 CanBIM Halifax Tradeshow Winner

To everyone that came to our booth during the 2016 CanBIM Halifax tradeshow, Thank You!! We had a great time at the show. We were demonstrating Revit 2017 (Architecture, MEP & Structural), Navisworks 2017, AutoCAD 2017, Lumion 6.5 and our very own RVT2DWG program – to convert Revit models/sheets to DWG files that are compatible to PWGSC […]

2016 CanBIM Halifax pic1

News – New Solidworks eTraining

New Solidworks eTraining !! As you know, year after year, eTraining is getting better. And as you also know, Atlantic CAD Solutions has partnered with Global eTraining to provide it’s clients with on-line, self-pace training services for Autodesk products for multiple years now. (Click here to find out more info on our eTraining offerings) Some […]

eTraining - e-Learning

eTraining - e-Learning

News – Microsoft eTraining

As you know, year after year, eTraining is getting better. And as you also know, Atlantic CAD Solutions has partnered with Global eTraining to provide it’s clients with on-line, self-pace training services for Autodesk products for multiple years now. (Click here to find out more info on our eTraining offerings) Some of the new eTraining […]

Inventor 2017 Released

News – Inventor 2017 Released

As you have heard, Inventor 2017 Released. the official release date was March 28th and Autodesk announces this as “The Inventor that you’ve been waiting for”. Let’s see why!! First, let’s look into the Install and License type: Installation: No more prompts for the serial number, product key, and license type during the installation. Instead, this […]

News – Lumion 6.3 Released

Lumion 6.3 Released ! Lumion 6.3 represents a huge leap forward in 3D visualization. Lumion 6.3 allows you to quickly show your clients 3D models (from Sketchup and Revit) on Oculus Rift and Gear VR. What’s New -> Oculus Rift and GearVR: Lumion has always given you an edge with your clients by breathing life into your designs, […]

Lumion 6.3 Released

AutoCAD 2017

News – AutoCAD 2017 Released

The new release of AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD LT 2017 includes PDF import tools, Smart Centerlines, bundles AutoCAD 360 Pro mobile app with AutoCAD and a bunch of new features and improvements. Keep on reading….. Earlier this week, Autodesk officially announced the 2017 release of their flagship product – AutoCAD. According to Autodesk, the 2017 release […]

News – Autodesk Professional Certification

Back in January of 2016, we announced that we were the first Autodesk Authorized Certification Center in Atlantic Canada (for Autodesk User Certification thru our partnership with CertiPort Authorized Testing Center “CATC”)! Well, we did it again!! In February of 2016, we became the first Atlantic Canadian Authorized Certification Center for Autodesk Professional Certification!! Now […]

CertiPort Certification


News – Keep Vault-ing

Are you an Autodesk Vault User, interested in learning more about the different features of Autodesk Vault. Or maybe you’ve recently been promoted to Vault’s the Administration position and you are wondering what that really means. Then keep on reading cause this is for you, FREE TRAINING!! Autodesk’s Global Event Platform is offering multiple on-line sessions […]

Lumion 6 Hyperlight

Lumion 6 Hyperlight

Lumion 6 Hyperlight Subtle light variations often make the difference between a natural image and an artificial one. In real life the color of materials is the result of the complex way light bounces between surfaces. Lumion 6 Hyperlight calculates the light on surfaces eight times more accurately compared with Hyperlight, a new technology first introduced in […]

Lumion 6 Speedray Reflection

Lumion 6 Speedray Reflections

Lumion 6 Speedray Reflections Without good reflections it is impossible to create good looking surfaces to represent glass, water, marble, wood or metal. Materials come to life with realistic reflections.  Speedray Reflections from Lumion version 6 offers the opportunity to massively improve image quality with little extra render time. In Lumion Pro 6 reflective surfaces are […]

Lumion 6 PureGlass

Lumion 6 PureGlass Glass is widely used in architecture, therefore good visualization requires that it is rendered accurately. Glass rendering in Lumion 6 has taken a giant leap forward. The Lumion 6 PureGlass technology gives you access to transparent, translucent or frosted glass that looks more compelling and realistic than ever. The new glass material library […]

Lumion 6 - PureGlass

News – Lumion 6 COMING

That’s right! you’ve heard the news. Lumion 6 coming! Mark your calendars…….Lumion 6.0 shipping date has been announced and November 3rd, 2015 is the big date. As with previous versions of Lumion, NEW amazing features have been included in Lumion 6.0 Have a look at the sample video below…..See if you can spot some of the new features […]

Lumion 6 coming

Autodesk Within

News – Autodesk Within

Autodesk® recently released a software called Autodesk Within. It’s the first software of it’s kind and it’s made for Design and Fabrication. Autodesk Within is a generative design software and as I mentioned before, its the first of it’s kind, available in two different version/options. You basically give it some initial design information, making sure […]

News – Autodesk Software Promotion – Don’t miss out….

In case you haven’t heard, Autodesk announced big changes to their software licenses and they are offering up to $1,500 savings on some of their software suites and up to $400 on network activations. Here’s the short version of their announcement: <<<<<<<<<From Autodesk>>>>>>> After January 31, 2016, new perpetual licenses of most individual Autodesk software […]

2015-07-16 Autodesk Promotions

2015-07-05 Lumion at CanBIM

News – Lumion at CanBIM Toronto 2015

We were very exited and at the same time, fortunate to be asked to attend and present Lumion at CanBIM on behalf to Act-3d during this year’s CanBIM regional session in Toronto. The trade show was held on June 11th, 2015. This year, CanBIM was holding a discussion panel entitled Next Generation Visualization Technologies If […]


News – Lumion at NSAA 2015

Interested in creating hi resolution, stunning still images or videos on a low cost budget? Then you are probably interested in Lumion! And if you are attending the NSAA (Nova Scotia Association of Architects) trade show today (May-26), then don’t miss our 30min presentation on Lumion 5.3. It’s starts at 1:40pm. If you don’t like crowds, then stop into our […]

News – the TOP 51 Firms (out of 100) use Lumion!!

Back in September of 2014, we reported that Lumion was used by 37 of the top 100 Architectural firms in the World. (See link below) A short 6 months later and we are happy to report that Lumion is now used in the top 51 firms (of the top 100 Architectural Firms)!! Lumion is an […]

top 51 firms

2014-09-12-Lumion - WA100 (2)

News – Lumion 5.3 – FREE Upgrade

Act-3d are announcing a FREE update to Lumion 5.0, current users of Lumion 5.0 will receive a FREE update to Lumion 5.3 Lumion 5.3 release was released  on February 17th, 2015. Lumion 5.3 is a significant build on 5.0. It has some exciting new features as well as some adjustments based on feedback from 5.0 users. More detailed information […]

News – Lumion 5.0 Trial now available!

When Lumion 5.0 was first released, the only “trial” version of it was of version 4.5.1 This has just changed, recently announced by ACT-3d, you can now get a Lumion 5.0 Trial To get your version 5.0 Trial of Lumion, please visit our web-site and click on the link to “request a trial”.  

More Lumion Videos - CityScape and LandScape

News – Autodesk Vehicle Tracking added to schedule!

Yep, we did it again. We’ve added more classes to our already long list of Autodesk software training options. One of the interesting classes that we’ve added is based on the recently acquired Autodesk Vehicle Tracking. In this class, users will learn to use the Autodesk Vehicle Tracking software to analyse and design solutions for vehicle […]



News – AU2014 less than 2 weeks away!

Less than 2 weeks remain for Autodesk University 2014 (AU2014). We are signed up, are you? Ever wonder “WHY” you (or one of your employees) should go to Autodesk University? Well, here’s my 5 preferred reasons why I’m sending “ALL” my Application Experts (including me) to AU this year and every year!! ( Productivity and Efficiency […]

News – 37 of the Top 100 Architects use Lumion!

Building Design publishes the WA100 (World Architecture 100) This is an annual ranking of architects based on their size and influence in the world architectural community.  In the spring of 2013, more than 20 of the top 100 architects were already Lumion customers. Since then, Lumion has charged along a path towards worldwide acceptance as the industry […]

2014-09-12-Lumion - WA100-2014

Lumion Visualization

News – Lumion Visualization Competition: 2 Weeks to GO!!

Summer 2014; Lumion Visualization Competition: 2 weeks to go! Here’s the latest Lumion Publicity Video in regards to their competition. For further details on how you can win big, please keep reading below: Your Challenge Imagine your parents, renowned architects, are designing a dream home for a new customer.  The design is beautiful but the visualizations they […]

News – Autodesk Open Doors 2014

In regards to Certification, have you heard? Autodesk is having another “Open Doors Certification Day” called the Autodesk Open Doors 2014. Back by popular demand, the Autodesk Open Doors Certification Day will take place on the 12th of September 2014. This is a North American event where you can visit your Autodesk Authorized Certification Centre (ACC) and […]

Class Descriptions - Get Trained

2014-08-26-Lumion Competition Video

News – Lumion Competition 4 Weeks to GO

Summer 2014; Lumion Competition – only 4 weeks to go! Here’s the latest Lumion Publicity Video in regards to their competition. For further details on how you can win big, please keep reading below: Your Challenge Imagine your parents, renowned architects, are designing a dream home for a new customer.  The design is beautiful but the visualizations […]

News – DND CAD – BIM Standards

DND Standards – Please Note: Any user that needs to supply CAD or BIM files to the Canadian DND; Effective August 1 2014, the DND CAD – BIM Standards will be available for download exclusively from the new DND CAD – BIM GIS Technology Centre website: You can follow the link to create your account and download the current version of the DND CAD – BIM Standards (version […]

2014-08-11-DND Standards

2014-08-11-PWGSC Tools

News – Version 5 of PWGSC Atlantic Tools Update

PWGSC Atlantic – Please Note: The PWGSC Atlantic tools have been updated to version 5, this was done to make the tools compatible with AutoCAD 2015. Note that there are no changes to the PWGSC standard itself.  Version 5 of the PWGSC Atlantic tools can be downloaded from: Other than a few bug fixes, dark […]


News – Lumion Visualization Competition: The Details

      If last week’s post entitled “Lumion Visualization Competition” caught your attention, here are some further details on how you can win big: Your Challenge Imagine your parents, renowned architects, are designing a dream home for a new customer.  The design is beautiful but the visualizations they made look terrible. Maybe the only […]

News – Lumion Visualization Competition

The Lumion Visualization Competition is a great opportunity for the coming generation of architects to show their talent to the world and realize their dreams! With the right software anyone can make their dreams a reality. Lumion allows anyone to create stunning, professional visualizations. This competition allows upcoming architects to show their talent to the […]

Lumion Visualization

NEWS – LinkedIn top 3%

LinkedIn Top 3%. Yep, this year I’m up 2 percentage points on LinkedIn Activity. Out of all my contacts, (close to 1600) I came into 37th Position. This was done by connecting with you, our users and clients. It was also done by joining groups and answering as many CAD / BIM / GIS questions that […]

Lumion 4.5 released

NEWS – Lumion 4.5 released

Lumion 4.5 released !! Act-3d has released Version 4.5 of their #Lumion Animation software, ahead of their target release date. Lumion 4.5 is a significant step forward in functions and capabilities and the upgrade is free to all Lumion 4.X users. Full details and feature highlights about this latest massive update of Lumion can be found in the following preview video:   Feature […]

NEWS – APEGNB continued education

We’ve recently had some great news! The APEGNB Northeast branch recently decided to help promote our courses to its members through their LinkedIn Group. APEGNB Northeast on LinkedIn We were told that the reason behind this decision was 2 fold. First, to help promote opportunities for continued education to its members and second, many of […]


Lumion 4.5 released

NEWS – Lumion 4.5 being released

Lumion 4.5 is a significant step forward in functions and capabilities and the upgrade is free to all Lumion 4.X users. Act-3d will be releasing Version 4.5 of their #Lumion Animation software shortly.  The target release date for Version 4.5 is May, 2014. Full details and feature highlights about this latest massive update of Lumion can be found in the following preview video: […]

NEWS – eTraining and Classroom Training

If you are looking for some AutoCAD, Revit, Civil 3d, Inventor, even Microsoft Office Fundamentals training but your budget is to tight to be able to do Face-to-Face training with an instructor, you should seriously consider eTraining! Atlantic CAD Solutions has partnered with Digital School (the makers of Global eTraining) to offer you on-line, on-demand and […]


Revit2DWG Atlanitc

NEWS – Revit 2 DWG Suite of Products

We now have PWGSC Atlantic and NCA conversion capabilities as well as NS DTIR for Revit, including Revit Templates and Titleblocks!! We’ve been busy helping clients implement Revit in their workflow. Clients are loving Revit and want to drop the usage of AutoCAD as soon as possible. But one of the limiting factors or complaints […]

NEWS – ANBLS Trade show both winners

We want to thank everyone for stopping by our booth during the ANBLS Trade show (2014). It was a pleasure meeting everyone and I hope any/all questions you might have had, got answered. If I didn’t get a chance to speak with you, I’m sorry. Charles and I had a pretty busy show…..Please e-mail me directly if […]

Lumion 4 is Here

News – Lumion 4 is Here

Lumion® 4.0 Has Arrived! The future of animation is available today! The introduction of Lumion® in 2010 changed the concept of architectural rendering. Since then, rapidly growing numbers of AEC professionals have experienced for themselves why 3D expertise is no longer needed to create compelling visualization videos alongside wonderful still images. It is little wonder […]

News – Social Posting

In an effort to help our clients become more aware of our services and at the same time, provide them with more free tech support and know how, we are expanding our blogs to our Social Media Pages. This means that on a monthly basis, we will be doing Social Posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, […]