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Inventor – File Preview

File Preview (also know as thumbnail preview) in Windows Explorer is not working for AutoCAD and/or Inventor? Here’s a couple of options, causes and possible fixes…. As indicated in the Autodesk knowledge base below, there can be multiple reasons for this issue…. Causes: There are several possible causes: Uninstalling a previous version of your AutoCAD, DWG […]

File Preview

Extrude Text

Inventor – Extrude Text

For this tip, we’ll assume that you have done and used the Inventor Emboss command. So we are going to focus on tools or options that you can use from the Extrude command, as applied to Text. So you could almost consider this a Emboss Text vs Extrude Text competition….. The Extrude command works the same with […]

Find in Browser - RightClick

Inventor – Find in Browser

Have you ever had a part that you could not find in your browser, be honest, we’ve all been there…..Large assemblies get complex with lots of parts and sub-assemblies. This tip will help you find those parts, especially when those parts are buried deep within sub-assemblies First, you should set your Component Priority (at the […]


Inventor – Custom iProperties

Ever wanted to make your iProperties Description Field more intelligent? Maybe you would like the Description field or another Field in your iProperties to automatically update/change based on the information found in your model/part. Well, keep reading cause we are going to give you step by step directions to do so.   The steps are: 1. Define […]

2015-06-(2) Face Count Performance

Inventor – (Part2) What do you mean Useless Parts and Bad Performance

Want faster drawings? Tired of Bad Performance? Try better modeling, keep reading! Welcome back, last month we talked about why it was so important to practice efficient modeling with Inventor. I focused on Parts and Assemblies inside of Inventor models. The result was that, with efficient modeling, you could improve performance by a factor of 3!   See link […]

Inventor – What do you mean Useless Parts and Bad Performance

We are all guilty of it. We grab something from the internet and use it in our assembly. But because we were busy, we didn’t check to see if the model/assembly we downloaded was built efficiently! And that can penalize you for models and models to come……Want to know what I’m talking about, please keep […]

2015-05-(2) Part Count - Performance

2015-02-28 (1) Options

Inventor – Understanding your Options – Part2

Welcome back!! As mentioned last month, we will continue to talk about/review some of the Inventor Application Options, more specifically, the sketching options.  So here we go: Understanding your Options Part2. This month we will look at the following (additional 6) sketch options: -Snap To Grid -Autoproject edges during curve creation -Autoproject edges for sketch creation […]

Inventor – Understanding your Options!! – Part1

All to often, users misunderstand the “Application Options” that are available in Inventor. So this month, we will have a quick look at “some” (yes, I said some – there are to many to cover in this post) of the Inventor Options; Options that might help increase efficiency, reduce file size and reduce user frustration. So […]

2015-02-28 (1) Options

2015-02-(1) Simple Modeling

Inventor – Simple Modeling, Best Practices – 101

Why, why are all the work features turned on and why do you need to create them?? The simple answer is that they don’t always need to be. Sometimes, it’s just bad practice to do so…(please keep reading) Ever go to place an Inventor part (created or edited by someone else) into your assembly, only […]

2014-10- Baseline Sets (3)

Inventor – Baseline vs Baseline Set

Ever opened someone else’s drawing file in Inventor and you see something that looks like baseline dimensions? (Or at least should be) If you look at the image/drawing below, how can you tell which dimensions were put in as Baseline dimensions and which were put in as Baseline Sets? Or worse, which is a plane General […]

Inventor – Vault tab missing

Recently I was working in Inventor and I needed to upload an assembly into my Vault server, but for some reason, the Vault tab on my ribbon was gone. We refer to this as the Vault tab missing error. I’ve used Vault before, so I knew the Vault Add-In was installed during my original Inventor Installation, but for some reason it disappeared. Here’s […]

Inventor – Dynamic Input – Get it right the first time

While creating a sketch, what’s the easiest way to input lengths and angles in Inventor? Not sure? Keep reading and find out how. This month, I’m subbing for Jean-Rene as he’s busy at a client’s site, so I apologize upfront for the different writing style, but here goes… When I’m at a client’s site teaching […]

Dynamic Input

Shrinkwrap your assembly

Inventor – Shrinkwrap your assembly

Shrinkwrap your Assembly to speed it up….. In a large assembly, (made from multiple parts and sub-assemblies) there are usually sections of that assembly that you’re not modifying but you need to be able to see the info (parts and sub-assemblies) as a reference. Having all those extra parts and sub-assemblies showing in your assembly is making […]