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Using Object Snap

AutoCAD – Using Object Snap

Wondering what’s new with Object Snap? You might not believe this, but I still come across files (drawings) that the linework has not been snapped or cleaned up. As if the user didn’t know what Object Snap is or how to use it. Has that happened to you? (I’m calling this one, Part 1) The […]

AutoCAD – Dimension Color

Many users end up working with AutoCAD using the “out of box” dimension styles and fonts; or they might have done a little bit of customizing, but usually not very much. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. But depending on what industry you work in, having the same line thickness for the Extension lines, Dimension […]

Dimension Color 2


AutoCAD – Hyperlinks

Ok folks, for all of you that are having issues with Hyperlinks, here’s a quick tutorial….. To setup this little tutorial, here’s what I’ve created. 1) I created a folder called TESTING, off of my drive C. 2) In that folder I put my DWG file and also created a folder called IMAGE, for the […]

AutoCAD – Adding BING MAPS

Adding Bing Maps to AutoCAD…. Many of you wish for ortho imagery or aerial photos within your AutoCAD design files. There are online resources where your can download some of these images. some are free and some you have to pay…. Since AutoCAD version 2014, Autodesk introduced the ability to underlay Microsoft BING images, right […]

Bing Maps

AutoCAD – Text Explode

Ever needed to explode AutoCAD’s text into polylines or lines? Maybe you have to create lettering for a Vinyl Sign cutter and your font is not available as an outline font – only a filled in font. Have no fear Text Explode from the Express Tools is here! No really, this is a command that you […]

Text Explode

Layer Walk

AutoCAD – Layer Walk

In my May 30th, 2016 tip on cleaning and checking your xref files, I mentioned that I used AutoCAD’s Layer Walk , but I didn’t explain what it was or how to use it….So this month, I’m going to dig into and explain the Layer Walk command. Layer Walk was originally introduced as an AutoCAD […]

AutoCAD – Blend and Join

To Blend and Join, that is the question. These are two little known but very useful commands in AutoCAD. So let us explore the a little deeper. Blend: The Blend command is found on your Ribbon, under the Fillet/Chamfer grouping. When you click on BLEND, you will be asked to pick the first and second […]

Blend and Join

AutoCAD – Connecting GeoNB

Ever need to connect Service New Brunswick data from their GeoNB servers to AutoCAD? Keep reading cause in this post, we will point you to all the right locations.   Many years back, Service New Brunswick decided to allow anyone to connect to their GeoNB servers, using ArcGIS, ArcGIS for AutoCAD, ArcMAP or any of […]


AutoCAD – Runtime Error

Got a runtime error and your not sure why or what to do? Keep reading further to find out what your options are. Runtime errors, as in the image above are pretty rare in AutoCAD or other Autodesk software. However they can, and do happen. To trouble shoot and resolve a particular error message, you […]

Runtime Error

2015-10 (1) Graphics or Video Issues

AutoCAD – Having Graphic Issues

Having Graphic Issues in AutoCAD? Keep reading for options/methods of resolving your issues….. If you ever find yourself in AutoCAD, working away and you get a constant ghost image behind your cursor, or even if it’s just a “once in a while” ghosting issue or graphics issue with your objects, as you move them around…..Chances […]

AutoCAD – Customize ToolPalette

If you haven’t played around with your AutoCAD Tool Palettes yet, you should. You should customize toolpalette to improve efficiency. Your ToolPalette is one of the fastest ways that you can customize your AutoCAD and apply a consistent method of doing things – regardless if you are creating Text, Mtext, Dimensions or other. So here’s […]

2014-18 (1) Customize ToolPalette

AutoCAD – Object Enablers

I recently had a call from a client running AutoCAD LT, they were wondering why certain DWG files that they were receiving from one of their clients was missing data/information while on some other files, the linework was there, but the users could not snap or pick the objects. After a bit of investigation, we figured out that the […]

4) Assign Command Quick Access

AutoCAD – Disappearing Quick Access Icons and Toolbar

I’ve received many calls around the Quick Access toolbar found in AutoCAD over the years. Usually the calls are about the Quick Access toolbar (or icons on the toolbar) disappearing on a user. Now, depending on the version of AutoCAD that you use, you will be able to customize the Quick Access toolbar using different processes. For the […]