Lumion – Hardware Speed helps Lumion

Let’s face it, Hardware Speed helps Lumion! Hardware Prices are falling, so help yourself improve your Lumion experience!! Keep Reading.   We get asked this question a lot. What is the recommended hardware for Lumion?? Our answer is pretty simple. Get the fastest gaming card with the most amount of memory on it that you […]

Hardware Speed helps Lumion

News – Lumion 7.3 Released

Lumion 7.3 has been released and one of the biggest update in 7.3 is the new LiveSync® for Revit® What is LiveSync® : Simple, make changes in Revit® and immediately see them appear live in Lumion! That’s what LiveSync does. Lumion LiveSync® provides a real-time high quality 3D view of your Revit® design. This plugin for […]

Lumion 7.3 Release

AutoCAD – Using Object Snap

Wondering what’s new with Object Snap? You might not believe this, but I still come across files (drawings) that the linework has not been snapped or cleaned up. As if the user didn’t know what Object Snap is or how to use it. Has that happened to you? (I’m calling this one, Part 1) The […]

Using Object Snap

AutoCAD – Dimension Color

Many users end up working with AutoCAD using the “out of box” dimension styles and fonts; or they might have done a little bit of customizing, but usually not very much. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that. But depending on what industry you work in, having the same line thickness for the Extension lines, Dimension […]

Dimension Color 2

News – Training Funds

LOOKING FOR TRAINING FUNDS? Depending on which province you are in, there’s a few different options. For example: In New Brunswick, the Canada-New Brunswick Job Grant is an employer-driven program, that invests in the skill development and employment needs of the workforce. Employers determine what training is needed, who participates, and which provider will deliver the […]

Class Descriptions - Get Trained


AutoCAD – Hyperlinks

Ok folks, for all of you that are having issues with Hyperlinks, here’s a quick tutorial….. To setup this little tutorial, here’s what I’ve created. 1) I created a folder called TESTING, off of my drive C. 2) In that folder I put my DWG file and also created a folder called IMAGE, for the […]

Inventor – File Preview

File Preview (also know as thumbnail preview) in Windows Explorer is not working for AutoCAD and/or Inventor? Here’s a couple of options, causes and possible fixes…. As indicated in the Autodesk knowledge base below, there can be multiple reasons for this issue…. Causes: There are several possible causes: Uninstalling a previous version of your AutoCAD, DWG […]

File Preview

Bing Maps

AutoCAD – Adding BING MAPS

Adding Bing Maps to AutoCAD…. Many of you wish for ortho imagery or aerial photos within your AutoCAD design files. There are online resources where your can download some of these images. some are free and some you have to pay…. Since AutoCAD version 2014, Autodesk introduced the ability to underlay Microsoft BING images, right […]

News – RVT2DWG in the news

RVT2DWG in the news….We keep working on and improving the software and it shows…. Users have tried our app and love it, so they are blogging about it. See link below. (Sorry, but it is in french) We different users from across Canada, from different design backgrounds (Architectural, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical) that are using […]

Revit Export

Civil 3D – GeoTIFF and DEM surfaces

Civil 3D natively supports a wide variety of GIS formats.  Furthermore, it can directly convert a Civil object to a GIS object or even a GIS object to a Civil object. In this post, we will be focusing on surfaces. Civil 3D can natively import or export surfaces to GIS formats such as GeoTIFF’s and […]

News – Autodesk Trimble agreement

The Autodesk Trimble Agreement!! In case you haven’t heard, Autodesk and Trimble have entered into an interoperability agreement back in June of this year (2016). What does this mean? Well, simply put, it means that their customers should be seeing applications in the near future that will  help them in saving time and reducing project costs, which […]

News – AU2016

As you may know (or not), Autodesk puts on a large scale learning event every year, called Autodesk University. It is also referred to as AU2016 of course. This is the format of their naming convention….So Last year it was AU2015 and so on….. If you are looking for more information on AU2016, simply do […]


Autodesk LIVE

News – Autodesk LIVE

Back in late July time frame, Autodesk announced Autodesk LIVE. The purpose is to bring Storytelling to life. Below you will find the official news release that was published, announcing Autodesk Live. You can find the office web-site, as well as an overview for LIVE at the following location/link. (see below) So, what is […]

AutoCAD – Text Explode

Ever needed to explode AutoCAD’s text into polylines or lines? Maybe you have to create lettering for a Vinyl Sign cutter and your font is not available as an outline font – only a filled in font. Have no fear Text Explode from the Express Tools is here! No really, this is a command that you […]

Text Explode

News – Autodesk Facts from Fiction

Not so fast Bentley: Autodesk separates the facts from fiction!! Back in Mid-July, Bentley announced an “upgrade program” for Autodesk customers. This is in regards to Autodesk subscription model. It didn’t take very long for Autodesk to correct errors and omissions from Bentley’s announcement. This was done in a post by Carl White, Senior Director of Business Models at […]

Facts from Fiction

Inventor – Extrude Text

For this tip, we’ll assume that you have done and used the Inventor Emboss command. So we are going to focus on tools or options that you can use from the Extrude command, as applied to Text. So you could almost consider this a Emboss Text vs Extrude Text competition….. The Extrude command works the same with […]

Extrude Text

Layer Walk

AutoCAD – Layer Walk

In my May 30th, 2016 tip on cleaning and checking your xref files, I mentioned that I used AutoCAD’s Layer Walk , but I didn’t explain what it was or how to use it….So this month, I’m going to dig into and explain the Layer Walk command. Layer Walk was originally introduced as an AutoCAD […]

News – Autodesk Virtual Reality

Autodesk Virtual Reality is available to everyone…..In case you missed it (back in 2015), Autodesk enabled their A360 Stereo Panorama rendering feature – which was originally announced at Autodesk University 2014. It is now available to everyone. This is a very inexpensive (relative term) method for you to review your design, or have the building/project owner […]

Autodesk Virtual Reality

2016 CanBIM Halifax pic1

News – 2016 CanBIM Halifax Tradeshow Winner

To everyone that came to our booth during the 2016 CanBIM Halifax tradeshow, Thank You!! We had a great time at the show. We were demonstrating Revit 2017 (Architecture, MEP & Structural), Navisworks 2017, AutoCAD 2017, Lumion 6.5 and our very own RVT2DWG program – to convert Revit models/sheets to DWG files that are compatible to PWGSC […]

eTraining - e-Learning

News – New Solidworks eTraining

New Solidworks eTraining !! As you know, year after year, eTraining is getting better. And as you also know, Atlantic CAD Solutions has partnered with Global eTraining to provide it’s clients with on-line, self-pace training services for Autodesk products for multiple years now. (Click here to find out more info on our eTraining offerings) Some […]

News – Microsoft eTraining

As you know, year after year, eTraining is getting better. And as you also know, Atlantic CAD Solutions has partnered with Global eTraining to provide it’s clients with on-line, self-pace training services for Autodesk products for multiple years now. (Click here to find out more info on our eTraining offerings) Some of the new eTraining […]

eTraining - e-Learning

Inventor – Find in Browser

Have you ever had a part that you could not find in your browser, be honest, we’ve all been there…..Large assemblies get complex with lots of parts and sub-assemblies. This tip will help you find those parts, especially when those parts are buried deep within sub-assemblies First, you should set your Component Priority (at the […]

Find in Browser - RightClick

News – Inventor 2017 Released

As you have heard, Inventor 2017 Released. the official release date was March 28th and Autodesk announces this as “The Inventor that you’ve been waiting for”. Let’s see why!! First, let’s look into the Install and License type: Installation: No more prompts for the serial number, product key, and license type during the installation. Instead, this […]

Inventor 2017 Released

Lumion 6.3 Released

News – Lumion 6.3 Released

Lumion 6.3 Released ! Lumion 6.3 represents a huge leap forward in 3D visualization. Lumion 6.3 allows you to quickly show your clients 3D models (from Sketchup and Revit) on Oculus Rift and Gear VR. What’s New -> Oculus Rift and GearVR: Lumion has always given you an edge with your clients by breathing life into your designs, […]

News – AutoCAD 2017 Released

The new release of AutoCAD 2017 and AutoCAD LT 2017 includes PDF import tools, Smart Centerlines, bundles AutoCAD 360 Pro mobile app with AutoCAD and a bunch of new features and improvements. Keep on reading….. Earlier this week, Autodesk officially announced the 2017 release of their flagship product – AutoCAD. According to Autodesk, the 2017 release […]

AutoCAD 2017

CertiPort Certification

News – Autodesk Professional Certification

Back in January of 2016, we announced that we were the first Autodesk Authorized Certification Center in Atlantic Canada (for Autodesk User Certification thru our partnership with CertiPort Authorized Testing Center “CATC”)! Well, we did it again!! In February of 2016, we became the first Atlantic Canadian Authorized Certification Center for Autodesk Professional Certification!! Now […]


Inventor – Custom iProperties

Ever wanted to make your iProperties Description Field more intelligent? Maybe you would like the Description field or another Field in your iProperties to automatically update/change based on the information found in your model/part. Well, keep reading cause we are going to give you step by step directions to do so.   The steps are: 1. Define […]

AutoCAD – Blend and Join

To Blend and Join, that is the question. These are two little known but very useful commands in AutoCAD. So let us explore the a little deeper. Blend: The Blend command is found on your Ribbon, under the Fillet/Chamfer grouping. When you click on BLEND, you will be asked to pick the first and second […]

Blend and Join

ANBLS 2015 winner

Trade Show – ANBLS 2016 winner (trade show booth)

We are happy to announce our ANBLS 2016 Winner (Trade Show booth winner), it is: This year’s Booth Prize goes to: Léo-Guy Leblanc of Fredericton. Léo-Guy gets an Atlantic CAD Solution computer bag and Golf shirt. (Just for stopping in and saying hi!) !!Congratulations to Léo-Guy and thanks to everyone that stopped into our booth!! **To […]


AutoCAD – Connecting GeoNB

Ever need to connect Service New Brunswick data from their GeoNB servers to AutoCAD? Keep reading cause in this post, we will point you to all the right locations.   Many years back, Service New Brunswick decided to allow anyone to connect to their GeoNB servers, using ArcGIS, ArcGIS for AutoCAD, ArcMAP or any of […]