Certification Options

Certification Options

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Certification options
Autodesk offers a range of certification options to help you achieve your goals, including certification for industry professionals, students, and instructors.


Autodesk Certified User: (Available at Atlantic CAD Solutions)
New to Autodesk software? Those who are relatively new to Autodesk software and want to demonstrate basic proficiency can seek to become Autodesk Certified Users. Certification at this level helps demonstrate a commitment to your career development. It means you are serious about the job market!  Atlantic CAD Solutions is your Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) and can provide you with answers to your User Certification Questions. We have Autodesk Certificed Professional on staff and each one is a certified Proctor. You can buy your Exam Voucher directly from us and you can even take your exam in our offices. Please give us a call for any further information of if you want us to review your current skill set, before taking the exam. If your school or college is interested in offering certification, we can make arrangements to offer certification for a group of users/students at your school/college.


Autodesk Certified Professional: (Available at Atlantic CAD Solutions)
Experienced User? Those who possess more advanced skills and can solve complex workflow and design challenges will, in most cases, pursue recognition as a Certified Professional. Certification at this level demonstrates the skills needed to stand out from the competition and pursue career advancement (Intermediate and Senior Positions).

If you want to find the nearest Autodesk Certified Professional in your area, check the following site:   https://autodesk.starttest.com/

Once on the site, click on Certified Professionals Search to find who is a Certified Professional in your neighborhood! (See images below)

Click on Center Search


Click on Professional Search


Autodesk Certified Specialist
Those who possess a competency in specialized workflow or mastery of an Autodesk Suite can earn a Certified Specialist credential. Certification at this level demonstrates the ability to design innovative solutions across multiple technologies. These Certifications can only be taken thru an Autodesk Certification Center. See info/site above find to the nearest Certified Specialist testing center. (Please note that we don’t offer this level of Autodesk Certification presently)