News – Lumion OpenStreetMap

Lumion OpenStreetMap Service patch!!

Due to a change in Act-3d’s third party service for the beta feature of “Lumion OpenStreetMap”, Open Street Map will have some upcoming changes:

  1. As of February 1st, current versions of Lumion 7  and 8 will no longer be able to download the map and building height data (with the current 3rd party plugin).
  2. An OSM Patch was made available on January 31st, to replace/update the current 3rd party plugin.
  3. Currently. the New Patch is only available for 7.5 and 8.0 Professional versions of Lumion.

On Thursday, February 1st, these changes will go into effect and Lumion’s current OpenStreetMap feature will no longer work unless you download and install the New Patch.

Click here to download and install the OpenSreetMap Patch.

Without the OSM Patch, you won’t be able to use the OpenStreetMap feature in Lumion until the next minor update. By clicking the link above, you can download the OpenSreetMap Patch for Lumion 7.5 Pro and Lumion 8 Pro. You’ll also find a handy installation guide for easy setup.