Inventor – Sweep Fillet Options

Sweep Fillet Options – In this Post, we will explore how a Sweep could be used as a replacement for the Fillet – due to current Fillet Command Limitations.

For the purpose of explanation and simplicity, we’ve turned off materials in the screen shots below….

Sweep Fillet Option

I have many Cabinet Manufacturers that use Inventor for Cabinet and Counter-top fabrication. They use either Corian type or Granite type solid surfaces on their display cases. They usually have them cut by a CNC in strips to reduce waste, then they get assembled and placed in the final display case assembly.

The issue is that they usually need to show a simple 1/4” round on the top edge that the customer would touch. Or it might be a Bull Nose or other finish trim. The issue is the Inventor fillet command does not allow for a “From To” fillet, with option to curve one or both ends.

Hello!! Inventor Wish List!!

We tried a few different ways to get the Fillet to only be located where we need it – with no success. As an example: The part is 6ft long but we need the 1/4” fillet to start on the corner of the right side end and finish on the left end, 24″ away from the Left edge.

Our solution for now is to create a Fillet sketch on the Right Edge of the solid body and create a Path Sketch connecting lines where we needed the fillet feature to be – on the Top Surface of the counter.  (See images below)

  • Creation of Fillet Sketch. We are using some projected lines along with a Circle that is split. Part of the circle and the project lines are then made to be construction lines. A few additional lines going up and above the material, to encompass of the material to be removed is also drawn as part of the profile.

Sweep Fillet Options 3


  • Creation of Path Sketch. We Project the ARC from the fillet into our sketch and then connect our path line to the end of the projected line. We dimension the length of the line of course. We also add a curve return at the end of the path – along with an added extension. The projected lines are made as construction lines.

Sweep Fillet Options 2


  • Creation of SWEEP/Fillet. Click the Sweep Command, it should find the Fillet Profile automatically. Then pick you Path. Make sure you set you operation to the CUT option…And click OK

Sweep Fillet Options


And Voila!! Until next month, keep on CADing!!