AutoCAD – Old FILTER Command

The old Filter command is still very useful. In some situations, it’s much quicker than the QSelect command. And in other situations, it can even perform selection operations that can’t be done otherwise!

Old FILTER Command

But for the purpose of this tip, I’m going to highlight some features that make the Filter command more powerful than QSelect.

Maybe you are new to AutoCAD and not sure why you would use QSelect or Filter and what they do?? So for example: if you have to deal with drawings with poorly organized content (something you received from a consultant as an example), then both selection methods can be save you time. Both QSelect and Filter are Object Selection Methods. If you are new to AutoCAD, then I suggest you start by learning more on QSelect – if you are not familiar with it…..

So here are some benefits of using Filter instead of QSelect:

  • The Filter command (you have to type it in) can select all the different types of dimensions (rotated, aligned, angular, etc.) in one shot. The Quick Select command can only select 1 type at a time, then you need to append the next type at a time.
  • Same applies to text and mtext.
  • The Filter command can act as a more tailored SelectSimilar. Use the Add Selected Object button to select an object from the drawing, and the Filter command will display a list of all its properties. Then you can go through the list and delete the properties that don’t apply; such as coordinates.
  • Preset Selection Filters: If you perform complicated selection operations frequently, you can save them to the Filter List.
  • You can even do more complicated search with you are familiar with the logical operators AND, OR, NOT,and XOR.

The Filter command is an old command that goes way back, I refer to it as QSelect on steroids. For example, in one step with the Filter command, you can find all circles that are green with a radius of less than 1.5 units, and whose linetype = Hidden. Try that with QSelect!!

Until next month, Keep on CADing!!