Inventor – SNAP in your Drawings

Are you an ex AutoCAD user that would like to be able to SNAP to the end or mid-point of Inventor Linework in your drawings?? If yes, then keep on reading as this month, we show you how to SNAP to Inventor Linework!!




Doesn’t matter if you are en existing Inventor user or an ex AutoCAD user, when working on Inventor Drawing files, it is very useful to be able to snap at the end, mid, center (or more) of points on lines or circles.

This is a very easy feature to turn one and use in Inventor. While in the dimension command, simply right-click on your mouse, click on SNAP settings and toggle on/off any of the existing 5 options. (see image above)

Now, in case you forgot what any of these are, here’s a short description:

Endpoint: Allows snapping to the end of lines, arcs and so on

Midpoint: Allows snapping to the middle point of a line, arc and so on

Center: Allows snapping to the center of a circle or ellipse

Quadrant: Allows snapping to the top, bottom, left and right quadrant of a circle

SPline Min/Max: Allows snapping to a high/low point of a spline

Until next month, keep on CADing!!