AutoCAD – Embed Images

If you’ve been using AutoCAD for a while, then you know that you can attach an image thru the xref / attach image command. And as you know, this image is then a xref file – it is not actually in your drawing…It stays external to your drawing. So what if you have an image that MUST be embedded into the drawing, so you can lose the file or the reference?

This is where you will use the Windows copy and past – instead of the xref / attach command. Here’s the steps to embed images ….

  1. Start up/open your AutoCAD with the file you want to embed the image within…
  2. Open the image file that you need to “embed”. Open it in Paint or some other package/software.
  3. With the image open, copy the image to the Windows Clipboard. (since each program works a bit different, I can’t tell you how to select your image and copy to windows clipboard.)
  4. Now, change your working app to AutoCAD (as it should have been already open).
  5. In AutoCAD make sure you are on the correct layout.
  6. Right click and select Clipboard, Paste.

Embed Images

When the image first shows up, you should get a small dialog box that “might” allow you to control OLE fonts. (raster fonts) This is usually used when pasting MS Word Text as Raster….(see image below)

Embed Images - OLE Options

You can now click on the image, grab the grips on the corners and resize the image and/or move it around….And since it is an OLE object, you can right click on the Image and click on the OLE menu and either Open the Image, Reset the Image or Convert the image….

Embed Images - OLE Controls


Some of you might not like the frame that is displayed around the image. Don’t forget that you can use the oleframe command in AutoCAD to display the frame around the ole object or not….There’s 3 options for oleframe:

Value     Description
0             Frame is not displayed and not plotted
1              Frame is displayed and is plotted
2             Frame is displayed but is not plotted

Until next month, keep on CADing!!