News – Cansel Acquisition

This month (May, 2017), I have a BIG announcement…I will explain the Cansel Acquisition of Atlantic CAD Solutions Inc and why it’s a WIN-WIN situation for our Clients!! So please keep on reading!!


You will notice that our company logo has changed a bit! Don’t worry, this is all good news!! In an effort of growing the CAD/BIM market in the Maritimes and across Canada, I’ve (Michel Beaulieu) sold Atlantic CAD Solutions to Cansel!! (Don’t Panic, I’m not retiring!!)
The sale took place at the beginning of May. Yes, I’m a bit late with the announcement. Sorry about that, I’ve been a bit on the busy side (as you can imagine).

Currently, the company name (Atlantic CAD Solutions) will stay the same, with a small addition to the name and Logo “A Cansel Company”. This is simply to make sure that everyone knows that Atlantic CAD is now a Cansel Company.

ALL of our full time employees, including myself, are staying with Atlantic CAD – this is not a “retirement stage”, this is a growth stage….What I see as better for our clients….

As such, we (Atlantic CAD and Cansel) want to continue to provide our services in Atlantic Canada (our main focus) but also across Canada.

The advantages for our clients are:

(1) Customers of Atlantic CAD Solutions will continue to enjoy, without disruption, the same unequaled levels of service to which they were accustomed, since all members of the existing team will be part of the newly opened offices of Cansel/SolidCAD in Hanwell

(2) Cansel/SolidCAD being the largest Autodesk reseller in Canada (and being a Canadian company) with more than 25 offices across the country means long term investment in the local Atlantic economy.

(3) And of course, since many of our customers have been asking for Atlantic CAD Solutions to become their reseller – now we have the means and the opportunity to do so!!

For Us, for Atlantic CAD, this brings a level of marketing for our services and our products that Atlantic CAD (by itself) did not have. It means we’ll be able to provide RVT 2 DWG or Lumion to more offices, more clients, more users across Canada. It also means that we will have access to new Application Experts and will be able to teach and support more products and have more advanced classes – more often!!

The Future is Bright and I look forward to this new partnership.

To read the full details, please see the Cansel announcement:

or the Cansel website itself:


Until next month, Keep on CADing!!

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