News – Design Review 2018

Autodesk have released a new version of Design Review; technically it’s called Autodesk Design Review 2018!  Their last version was 2013 – so it’s about time!

Design Review 2018


Autodesk Design Review is a great tool that allows you to save your AutoCAD drawings to the DWF file format and then Review & Mark them up with tools such as redlining and revision comments. Of course, anyone doing Redlining in Design Review can save there Markup to the DWF file – which can then be viewed in AutoCAD by using the Markup Set Manager. This allows you to overlay the markup with your drawing.

I know you’ve heard of the cloud, such as A360 and so on, but there many situations where the cloud just won’t work (no internet access or it’s against company policies).

Autodesk Design Review to the rescue. Design Review does not depend and does not require the Cloud or any internet access. It is a simple file base product – and it’s FREE. It is simple to use, you can e-mail DWF files (as a method of sharing) or you can save them to your server and have managers and engineers review them locally.

I and many of my clients use DWF with 2d layouts or with 3d models, it’s a great tool! And it’s FREE!

Here’s the download page!

Until next month, keep on CADing!