Civil 3D – Creating a Corridor Data Shortcut (DREF)

A big new feature of Civil 3D 2017 is the ability to data shortcut a corridor.

With Civil 3D 2017 you now have the ability to create data shortcuts for corridors so that other drawing can reference them.

When a data shortcuts is created for a corridor, shortcuts are also created for the alignments and profiles that makes up the corridor’s baseline.

A best practice with Civil 3D is to calculate materials and create section views in a different drawing than the design file. This workflow opens-up the project for collaboration and keeps your file sizes under control.

With the data shortcuts for corridors, this workflow has become easier than ever.  Simply open you Section/Quantity drawing and reference in your corridor, from there you can create: corridor surfaces, add sample lines, compute materials, set pay items, create section views and section sheets.

data shortcuts