AutoCAD – Strange UCS Icon

Does your UCS icon in AutoCAD look different than normal?? If it does, it could be slowing you down. Keep reading to find out more in regards to the different looks of the UCS icon and how the Visual Styles in AutoCAD could affect it and your performance!!

If you ever open a drawing and the UCS icon looks like the image below, then you might find your drafting performance affected.

UCS Icon 2

And even worse, you might find that your lines might be a little “sketchy”!!

UCS Icon 4

The reason behind this is due to the AutoCAD Visual Styles that is currently in use. You or one of your colleages might have been looking at your 2d/3d drawing in a 3d view, maybe a perspective – to show a client. However, if the drawing is changed to a plan view, this does not change the Visual Style. The Visual Style must be changed manually.

You can change the Visual Style by clicking in the small text in the upper left corner of the viewport….Then, change the style to 2d Wireframe….Be aware that Wireframe (as a visual style) is a 3d wireframe – not the same as the 2d Wireframe….

UCS Icon 3

Once the Visual Style is changed back to the proper 2d Wireframe, you will see that your UCS Icon changes back to it’s normal X vs Y axis, 2d look. And you drawing performance should be back to normal….And you should have no more sketchy lines either!!


UCS Icon 1





Until next month,

Keep on CADing!!